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drink up

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Mar. 20th, 2008 | 01:08 am
posted by: espresso_09 in fursthatdrink

hi. I am Espresso. i am a coffee fur. now i know this is about drinking so i have looked up in my books and found some great coffee and liquor recipes. as for my little history in drinks. am a big fan for hard liquor. i can hold my own. i love vodka and OJ. i really dont drink to much. just maybe ones a year or if i am having a bad day i drink all night or in tell A. the bottle is gone or B. ... i dont think i know what B is. but i know i happened to love to drink on a good night. so oo i am 22 years old. i am a maned wolf. and i also love coffee to the print where i have gone mad.

Thanks for letting me join.


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