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 I couldn't help myself,  
I stayed up all last night watching TAILSPIN reruns.  AND.... this sounds goofy but,  I ran out of drink ideas so I mixed coconut vodka with MUG ROOTBEER !     OMG !   It felt silly at first, but after a few, really started to grow on me.  
  Give it a try. ^^   I bet you'll like it.   

oh yes..... and no headache this mourning.  ^^   

Favourite Beer Drinking Countries

Heya all, I'm Lupestripe, a relatively newbie to the list.

I've been travelling of late and have found some good beers in the most surprising of places. A lot of people say that Germany and the Czech Republic have the best pilsner/lager but I must disagree. Although the brews of those countries are nice, I discovered Sagres of Portugal last month and Union beer of Slovenia. These beers have a slightly sweeter taste than regular beers, which is what I prefer.

Zlatterog of Slovenia is also good so I would say that Slovenia is my favourite beer country of choice. What's yours?

drink up

hi. I am Espresso. i am a coffee fur. now i know this is about drinking so i have looked up in my books and found some great coffee and liquor recipes. as for my little history in drinks. am a big fan for hard liquor. i can hold my own. i love vodka and OJ. i really dont drink to much. just maybe ones a year or if i am having a bad day i drink all night or in tell A. the bottle is gone or B. ... i dont think i know what B is. but i know i happened to love to drink on a good night. so oo i am 22 years old. i am a maned wolf. and i also love coffee to the print where i have gone mad.

Thanks for letting me join.

Relaxing in the rain

St. Pats

For those who aren't familiar with the antics of engineers, St. Patrick is considered to be our patron saint.  I'm not exactly sure why, but at an engineering school like the one I attend, we get a few extra days off to party and get drunk for this very reason. 

While figuring out the logistics of that weekend, my housemates and I decided that we needed to come up with some sort of green drink for both ourselves and our guests for the weekend..  We're looking for something that tastes decent and doesn't require any complex or exotic ingredients.  Any suggestions?
Relaxing in the rain

Banana Daiquiris

Well, now that I'm a member of this group, I figure I'd kick things off right: with a bit of a buzz and a few questions regarding the title drink.

So my housemates and I just purchased a blender today, and we thought we'd break it in by making some banana daiquiris.  However, since Wal-mart is our main source of alcohol ... *shudders* ... our choices of ingredients was slightly limited.

So far we've only taken one crack at it, blending a Banana, Ice, Bacardi Superior Rum, Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, and Water (despite my objections).  As any of you slightly more experienced drinkers may have guessed, we kinda missed the mark.  The water was obviously a bad idea, but we were able to patch it up a little bit by adding a some Milk.  Doing that helped to add a little creaminess and take the edge off the rum.

This leaves us with a few dilemmas to solve before we make another attempt:
- Choice of rum ... One of my housemates contends that using primarily Bacardi Superior with an additional shot of Captain Spiced (as we did tonight) is the way to go.  However, I disagree, thinking that either Captain Spiced, one of the Parrot Bay Rums alone might better complement the banana flavor and be slightly less overwhelming.
- We've seen several different recipies online, but the ones that sound slightly more appealing contain more uncommon ingredients that we don't have access to, such as banana liqueur.  This leaves us with several options to pick for the ingredient that helps add a bit of creaminess in it's absence.  We are currently considering the use of Milk, Cream, and/or Sugar, possibly along with TripleSec or some Lime Juice to de-emphasize the rum.
- During our discussions, we've also tossed around a few things that would be available to us once we all venture back to our respective hometowns of KC and STL.  I'm wondering if a chocolate liqueur might be good, seeing how chocolate + bananas = yum!  Of course, we'd also be able to obtain the desired banana liqueur or just about anything else that you other furs might suggest.

I know we're probably over-analyzing this, but when you live in Rolla, there's not much to do but go to Wal-Mart, play video games and drink ... oh, and occasionally go to class.  Still, any feedback or suggestions that could be tossed my way would be greatly appreciated ^.^



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Tonight was interesting. I ended up going out to drink with some coworkers. That's always entertaining. At the end of the night, we ended up at a strange place that had fish bowls for drinks. What a massive drink. So tonight's list started with a rum and coke, shot of tequila, jager bomb, citron and sprite, then dinner. Afterwards another rum and coke, jager bomb, beer and a sip on one of those fish bowl things. What a night ;) Anyways, just another long adventure and heard some really dirty lymrics at the bar we went to. It's nice to get out once and a while and let loose.